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For a limited time, when you join The MonkeyDough.com Discount Club for $59 a year, we are going to give you a Complimentary 3-7 Night Stay of your choice at over 125 Destinations Worldwide

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  • Movies

  • Automotive

  • Shopping

  • Professional Services

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  • Health and Beauty

  • Golf

Discount Examples
  • Travel

  • Cruises and Tours

  • Car Rentals

  • Ski and Snowboard

  • And More ......

Get a Complimentary 3-7 Night Stay of your choice at over 125 Destinations Worldwide

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Join Now And Get A Complimentary Trip

See How You Can Save Money While Supporting

Heroes Foundation of America

When you join MonkeyDough.com we donate money to Heroes Foundation of America

MonkeyDough.com's Mission Statement

MonkeyDough.com's Mission is to support local communities, by incentivizing consumers to support the local merchants, save you and I $1000's of dollars every year at our favorite merchants, all while raising money for the local schools, non profits, and youth leagues.

  • Over 350,000 Happy Merchants Across America And Growing                    

  • Our Goal Is To Have Over 5 Million Ecstatic Members Saving Billions

  • Working On Over 1,000 Non Profits, Schools And Youth Leagues

  • See What A Typical MonkeyDough.com Member Saves

    Another year of saving $1000's on the things they already do

    • $800 Complimentary 3-7 Night Stay Of Your Choice

    • $100 Savings ordering out pizza

    • $150 Going to the movies

    • $2000 Going out to eat at a restaurant

    • $120 Savings on a Cruise

    • $250 Savings on Dental and RX

    • $200 Savings on Shopping

    • $100 Savings on Cellular Services

    • $2000 Savings on Groceries

    • $500 Savings on Hotels

    • $200 Savings on Sports and Sporting Events

    • $200 Savings on Health and Beauty

    • $500 Savings on Entertainment

    • $7320 Value +++

    MonkeyDough.com wants to save you money

    Our members are saving $1000's of dollars every year at their favorite merchants.  MonkeyDough.com will save you money at your favorite restaurants, going to the movies, shopping, incredible discounts on traveling, health and beauty, home and garden, groceries and so much more.  Plus we are going to give you your first trip Complimentary at your choice of over 125 destinations worldwide.  Monkey See Monkey Save

    By saving you money, MonkeyDough.com is able to donate money to charity

    MonkeyDough.com donates a large portion of everything we do to our charitable partners. We partner with Non Profits, Schools, Youth Leagues and more and use our powerful program to help them raise money. By saving you $1000's of dollars every year at your favorite merchants, MonkeyDough.com is able to financially support amazing causes all over the country. Help us raise more money by Joining MonkeyDough.com and letting us save you money on almost everything you do.

    Discount Examples

    Just A Few Of Our More Than 350,000 Participating Merchant Partners

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    Join Now and get your FREE 3-7 Night Stay at your choice of over 125 Destinations Worldwide









    Join Now And Get Your Complimentary Trip

    What Our Members Are Saying About Us...

    My membership immediately saved me more than $80 on a weekend car rental. My wife had priced a compact rental at $178. I joined MD and got the same rental for $95! The whole thing, joining and booking the rental through the MD site took less than 10 minutes. I now use it to fundraise for my non profits.

    Larry C.

    I use MD for almost everything, from going out to restaurants, to taking my family to the movies. I have saved so much I implemented it in my school and several youth sports leagues to help raise funds. I have a member who told me his wife saves over $2000 a year just using the grocery coupons alone.

    Neal C.

    MonkeyDough.com raised money for our Rotary Club. I use MD everywhere I go. It saves me money when I take my girlfriend out to dinner. I have saved tons of money on trips with hotels and rental cars. It probably saves me over $4000 per year without even trying very hard. I tell everyone I know to join.

    Adam W.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Why should I join MonkeyDough.com and what is it going to save me money on?

      I'm glad you asked. There are many reasons to join MonkeyDough.com. How would you like to save $1000's every single year at your favorite merchants? How would you like to save $1000's on all your travel plans and your shopping? MonkeyDough.com has over 360,000 participating merchants and growing all over the US and parts of Canada that will provide you substantial discounts every time you go there. With most, it's as easy as just showing our phone app to save you money.  You will be able to save money at Restaurants, the Movies, Shopping, Entertainment, Cellular Service, Business Services, Sports and Sporting Events, Groceries, Travel and so much more. We will let you save tons of money on the things you already do every day. And just as beneficial, we donate a portion of everything we do to our charitable partners. By you joining and saving money, you help MonkeyDough.com reach our goal of donating $100 million every year and growing to our partnering non profits, schools, and youth leagues.

      How much is the MonkeyDough.com membership and how can I pay for it?

      A valuable membership is only $7 per month or $59 per year. For your convenience, MonkeyDough.com accepts just about every major credit card as well as being able to join using your PayPal account.

      Are there any bonuses that come with a MonkeyDough.com membership?

      Are there any bonuses that come with a MonkeyDough.com membership?

      Currently, if you join right now, MonkeyDough.com will give you a Complimentary 3-7 Night Vacation to your choice to over 50 locations around the world.  You will also get another Complimentary Stay every year that you renew your membership. And when you refer 5 people that become a member, you will get a $25 Restaurant Certificate.

      How can my organization partner with MonkeyDough.com to help raise funds for my Non Profit Organization?

      MonkeyDough.com partners with non profits, schools, colleges and universities, religious institutions, youth leagues, and all types of non profits all over the country to help raise money to support their organizations.


      Click the Fundraise Tab at the top and see how MonkeyDough.com can help you raise money right now. 

      Can I see what discounts are available before I join?

      Absolutely. Click on the Discounts Tab in the top menu on our website. Then click on the button that says Discount Examples and you will be able to enter any zip code or city in the country and be able to see all the offers in that area. You can also explore our National Merchants who will show up in Online Shopping as well as our National Brands tab. Feel free to explore all the available tabs to see what is offered. You may not be able to see every participating merchant in the examples as there are over 360,000 and growing. Please be advised, you will not be able to redeem any of our benefits until you become a member of MonkeyDough.com.

      How do I redeem my discounts?

      There are several ways to redeem your discounts For the vast majority of our merchants, you can download "My Deals" app on your phone and you can just show the merchant your discount coupon right on your phone. For those that are not on the app, just  click on the Discount Tab and find the specific discount that you would like to use. Click on Redeem Discount and you will be able to print off your coupon, which you can take to the merchant. And most of our Travel Discounts you can redeem on your phone, computer or by phone. We want to make it incredibly easy for you to save money.

      Can I redeem discounts all over the country?

      Yes, we have over 360,000 participating merchants, and growing, in all 50 states, as well as portions of Canada saving our members money. We cover over 99.6% of the US population. Just put in your zip code or location wherever you are and pull up the list of available merchants and discounts in your area. We want to help you save $1000's at home as well as where you visit. You can use as many as you like, as often as you like.

      Are there any limitations to the amount of discounts I can redeem in a year?

      Heck No. There are no limitations to the amount of different discounts that you can redeem. And you can use your discounts as often as you like. You can redeem part of them or as many of them as you would like in a year. You can redeem in your home town as well as every place you visit. It's also great to save your college kids money where they go to school.

      Are there any FREE Benefits that I can get without being a member of MonkeyDough.com?

      There absolutely is. You can join the MonkeyDough.com Travel Club by clicking here or the FREE Benefit tab in the menu. The Travel Club will save you up to 85% off the very best rate available anywhere, at over 800,000 hotels worldwide. You can also enjoy the benefits of the MonkeyDough.com National Discount Prescription Card where you can save money on your RX, Dental Services, Medical Services, Vitamins, and so much more.

      How do I renew my membership?

      We have made it very simple for our members to renew their memberships, by setting up an automatic renewal. You will receive an email notice around 30 days in advance of your renewal date informing you your credit card will be charged for your next year's renewal. You will have the opportunity to not renew your membership if you like. By not renewing you will lose all your benefits which enable our members to save in some cases $4000-$5000 every year if not more.